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At MapVida, our mission is to help you make sense of any neighborhood in seconds.

No matter what you’re looking for, our cutting-edge neighborhood mapping tool will learn the characteristics in a neighborhood that are desirable to you and identify other neighborhoods that share those characteristics, allowing you to make informed decisions rather than operating in the dark.

Unlike tools like walkability scores and school quality that provide insight in to only one aspect of a neighborhood, MapVida‘s tool incorporates millions of data points and feedback from users around the world to provide comprehensive, meaningful, and detailed analytical comparisons of neighborhoods in seconds — helping you get a clearer picture by putting it in the context of a neighborhood you already know.

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine

Find Comparable Neighborhoods


Whether you want to find a neighborhood like your own, compare two potential destinations, or identify neighborhoods that are comparable to areas in which you’ve historically had housing development and marketing success, MapVida’s analysis tool can help you easily find neighborhoods that share essential common traits.

Build a Hood

Build Your Own Hood


Create your ideal neighborhood by telling MapVida the factors that matter most to you or that have lead to business success in the past. The app will analyze the data and instantly identify neighborhoods that fit your desired neighborhood profile.

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine

Explore Neighborhoods In Depth


Enter any city or use your current location to see easy-to-navigate maps of the city’s various neighborhoods. Select any neighborhood to see key characteristics like population demographics, local business profiles, and school ratings. You also can compare these neighborhood characteristics to local and national averages.

Who Can Benefit from MapVida’s Tools?

MapVida helps both individuals and businesses decode neighborhoods throughout the United States. Whether you are interested in relocating, finding new neighborhoods to visit, or trying to identify neighborhoods similar to those where you have seen success in housing or marketing ventures, MapVida will make your search simpler than ever.

Learn more about how people are using MapVida for both personal and business gains:

How MapVida Works

Using sophisticated “cluster models”, MapVida collects and analyzes thousands of data points for any neighborhood. The app uses these findings to define the look and feel of each neighborhood and help build a relatable profile. Data points include things like:


  • Who lives there, (e.g., married vs. single, children vs. no children, etc.)
  • Real estate types, (e.g., single family/Multifamily mix, home sizes, age of properties, rent amounts, housing prices)
  • Businesses in the area,(e.g., retail types and concentrations, restaurant types, and walkability)
  • Macro and infrastructure,(e.g., school quality, consumer spending, transportation, crime data)
  • Geospatial and environmental,(e.g., parks, bodies of water, hiking, weather)
  • Data trends over 15 years, (e.g., how much has the area changed? “from auto shops to coffee shops”)


This proprietary data collection technology was built from our team’s years of experience experimenting with cutting-edge predictive analytics tools and strategies. Meet our team and learn more about their passions for using data to build a better, smarter world.

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