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Translating your world, one neighborhood at a time




We translate cities, provide context, and make them familiar to you.



User location shows all neighborhoods in a city

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine


Explore every neighborhood via key characteristics

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine


Compare to any city or the national averages

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine


Users identify a current location, neighborhood name, or address

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine


Based on analysis of over tens of thousands of different data points, will alert users to neighborhoods that have the same “Look and Feel”

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine


Users will tap a neighborhood, and MapVida will provide key details and allow comparisons to known areas

Build a Hood


Users can build their ideal neighborhood, based on key categories

Build a Hood


MapVida will identify all neighborhoods that fit the users requirements

Remap a City


Users are able to remap an unknown city, and its neighborhoods, into familiar ones

Remap a City


Color code the different neighborhoods to see similar areas throughout the city

Find a Neighborhood Like Mine


Tap neighborhood to see important details, comparison to familiar neighborhoods


Personal Use

icn_how_1housingHousing (Rent/Buy)

Quickly put a new city or area into a familiar context, depending on how long you plan on living there (1 weekend, 1 year, 10 years)


Explore a new city, but in familiar context. Allows you to “live like a local.”

Business Use

PromotePromote housing inventory in a unique and helpful fashion

Promote “hidden” inventory in areas not linked geographically, but share similar “look and feel.” Achieve better view on pricing models, based on consumer neighborhood preferences

icn_how_4assetDevelopment and Asset Management

Use consumer preference and current location performance to focus on development areas and asset management

Targeted Marketing and Business Intelligence

Where to spend marketing dollars

Where to spend marketing dollars (by neighborhood type)

Where your prospects live

Where your best prospects live (by neighborhood type)

Where your best customers are going

Where your best customers are going (by neighborhood type)

Partner Tools


Full integration capabilities

  • All translation functionality and user interface (with ability to customize)
  • All attributes and neighborhood definition

Universal App

  • Promotion of inventory within app, ability to focus on preferred neighborhood types and search history
  • Ability to integrate into property management, reservation, and origination systems
  • User location history and marketing effectiveness

Business intelligence and base lining

  • Current neighborhood type of customers (“who they are”)
  • Search preferences of customers (“who they want to be”)
  • Baseline properties and marketing performance against other partners and geographic regions

MapVida's Analytic Model

mv_feature_FNLM_1no MapVida’s cluster model assesses tens of thousands of different data points found in a neighborhood to define its “look and feel”, including:

Who lives there (e.g., married vs. single, commuters vs. walkers etc.)

Real estate types (e.g., single family/Multifamily mix, home sizes, age of properties, rent amounts, housing prices)

Businesses in the area (e.g., retail types, numbers, restaurant types, and employer size)

Macro and infrastructure (e.g., crime data, school quality, consumer spending, transportation)

Geospatial and environmental (e.g., parks, water, hiking, weather)

Trending data over 15 years (e.g., how much has the area changed, “from auto shops to coffee shops”)

mv_feature_FNLM_2no Taking this data, MapVida determines the most predictive groupings of points and uses them to define a neighborhood.



MapVida’s founders have been transforming data into useful products for years — with a focus on predictive analytics and real estate data.

  1. Created multiple scoring models and big data analytics for multiple industries
  2. Inventors on multiple analytic patents
  3. Responsible for TransUnion’s SmartMove and KikScore (acquired by Google, now Google Trust Store)



  1. Main founders average 13+ years in experience with multifamily/commercial industry (creating data products for multifamily and independent owner space)
  2. Gained valuable guidance from executive real estate contacts on the functionality and focus of MapVida

Mike Mauseth

Mike’s professional experience has two anchors: predictive analytics and real estate technology. Mike has held leadership and product development positions for risk and data analytic providers to the multifamily and mortgage industries. He is the co-inventor on multiple issued patents (focused on predictive analytics, risk assessment, and e-commerce). In his free time, Mike enjoys watching Minnesota’s professional sports teams lose in heart-breaking fashion.

Steve Roe

Steve has held revenue and operational leadership positions with risk and analytic software companies focused on the real estate industries. Steve is also an active investor and advisor to multiple technology startups. He is the co-inventor on multiple pending patents (focused on predictive analytics). In his free time, Steve likes to tease Mike Mauseth because Mike thinks Notre Dame stole Lou Holtz away from the University of Minnesota.

Jason Sweezey

Jason is the architect of several successful technologies used throughout the multifamily and mortgage industries. He has worked with cross-functional teams from planning through release to meet customer needs and expectations. Though extremely technical, Jason bleeds user experience and ease-of-use (which, ironically, makes donating blood difficult). In his free time, Jason enjoys watching Arsenal soccer and wondering if Mike should take up quidditch instead of Minnesota football.

Scott Kennedy

Scott has spent over 25 years in commercial real estate — delivering data and analytic software solutions to the multifamily and single family industries. As a senior sales executive, Scott has led several successful product rollouts for large multinational corporations — developing product and channel strategies that deliver real value to real estate operators and marketers. Scott is at his “sales” best when building both business and personal relationships that translate into long term client satisfaction. In his spare time, he enjoys the social aspect of college football (GO DAWGS!!!) and is now a Minnesota Vikings fan at the insistence of Mike Mauseth (misery loves company).

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