seven hills

On the eve of launching our consumer app, MapVida is kicking off Doppelgänger Friday.  “Doppelgänger” is german for a spirit double to a living person.  Well, we’re all about neighborhoods, so we’re using a little creative license because Doppelgänger is so much fun to say.

We are able to do a lot of different things with data and mapping — but one of the most straight-forward is “find a neighborhood I know in a place I don’t.”  So, for this example, I assumed you were living in South Laguna Hills, CA and had to move to Cleveland, OH.  Why would that happen?  Bad things happen to good people all the time, just go with my example.

So, using our handy-dandy MapVida app (did I mention we’re launching a consumer app?) I searched “South Laguna Hills” in Cleveland.  This is going to shock you, but there wasn’t a “very similar” match.  But, we found some “similar” areas…one of them being the Seven Hills area:


And I checked the summary of similarities (we look at a few different dimensions):


Housing, Lifestyle, and Schools were not similar, but Businesses, Walkability, Safety, and Outdoors (when compared to the city averages) fared very well:


Here’s a restaurant density trend.  Ok, it’s not identical, but how the neighborhood compared to the city average is very similar.  We didn’t say these areas are dead ringers, we said they are similar (if you had to move to Cleveland).  Am I sounding defensive?

We’ll there you go, Seven Hills.  Expect a call from Andy Cohen for the Housewives of Cleveland.  We’ll continue scouting locations for Bravo next week in our Doppelgänger series, but feel free to send us your favorite at our Facebook page or Twitter account.