DENVER, Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — From prospective home buyers looking for an affordable dream home to travelers in search of a vacation rental in the perfect part of town, the newly available MapVida mobile App helps people find what they’re looking for, across town or in major cities across the country.

MapVida looks at six key factors which are based on MapVida’s proprietary research on what consumers value in a neighborhood:

  • Demographics of who lives there (e.g., married vs. single, commuters vs. walkers, discretionary spending, etc.)
  • Real estate types (e.g., single-family vs. multifamily, home size, property age, housing affordability)
  • Walkability and businesses in the area (e.g., retail and restaurant types, employer size)
  • Macro and infrastructure factors (e.g., crime data, school quality, transportation)
  • Geospatial and environmental factors (e.g., parks, water access, hiking access)
  • More than 15-years of trending data (e.g., how much has the area changed over time)

“MapVida evaluates millions of data points to define the look and feel of each neighborhood and put it in familiar context, including things like walkability, access to nearby places and even how people spend their discretionary income,” said Mike Mauseth, co-founder of MapVida. “Using the MapVida App is like asking your friends for their favorite places to stay or go, but with data science to back up the recommendations.”

MapVida helps house hunters quickly find neighborhoods that have the characteristics they value most, without endless online searching or driving through multiple neighborhoods. The app also makes it easy to find desirable housing options using side-by-side comparisons of neighborhoods that are similar to “hot” neighborhoods, but without the high price or competition.

Now available for free in the iTunes App store, the MapVida allows users to:

  • Discover “look-a-like” neighborhoods
  • Explore new areas across the country with confidence
  • Find a favorite neighborhood based on geographic and demographic trend data
  • Select what’s important – like walkability, lifestyle, entertainment options or school ratings – to build their ideal neighborhood

Find and download the MapVida App in the iTunes App Store.

About MapVida

Founded and based in Denver, MapVida is a data and predictive analytics company that uses patent-pending technology to translate massive amounts of location data, such as demographics, environment factors, and business atmosphere, into meaningful decision-making tools. The company helps marketers, investors, developers and other businesses put neighborhoods into context and find similarities or differences among locations across the country. To partner with MapVida or to learn more visit www.MapVida.com.

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