Denver — it’s your turn to get the Orange County Doppelgänger treatment.  For those who haven’t been following this blog series, we’re using MapVida’s neighborhood similarity models to find Doppelgänger (look-a-likes) of Orange County neighborhoods in non-Orange County areas.

Denver, the land of Patagonia vests and dispensaries, is very different than the OC, but that’s the point.  We’re going to find refuges for Bravo Housewives in cities across the country.  We will continue to do this until the other MapVida team members decide to blog.

Now to the big reveal.  We decided to look for the Costa Mesa equivalent in the greater Denver area — and not surprisingly, we didn’t find any area that was “very similar”…but we did find a few “similar” areas.  And if  Southeast Westminster was one of the areas you were thinking as a possible match, you’d be correct (you’d also be lying).


Since Denver is MapVida’s hometown, we shouldn’t be surprised by our own model output.  Honestly, I was thinking something like Cherry Creek or Cherry Hills would jump out.  Not Westminster.  Let’s look at some of the stats (remember, MapVida’s model looks at thousands of data points, going back to 2000, but these stats are a good points of interest):


First, you can see by our overall summary, we don’t love the comparison, but there are similarities.  You can see that for both areas, the income is a bit short of the city averages.  And the predominant family type is “married, no children”.


We also see similar distributions of age, spending, and home ownership.


Moreover, both areas like 2-3 bedroom homes (SE Westminster likes bigger homes it seems) and both areas have a bit more crime than average.

I’m not going to keep hammering away with charts and data.  But if you want to explore this comparison a bit more, or find your own OC Doppelgänger, download MapVida’s consumer app, new to the Apple App Store!