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What if you could really know a city before ever stepping foot in it?

Being able to put individual neighborhoods in a familiar context makes moving to or visiting new cities a far less daunting task. MapVida’s neighborhood translation tools make it simple to get a real sense of a neighborhood, and can save you tons of time and money.

Know Your Neighborhood Before You Buy Real Estate


Before you buy or rent in a new city, know you are moving to a neighborhood that matches your needs. Using MapVida’s neighborhood profile and comparison tools, you can uncover essential information to influence your decision, such as:

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  • Profiles of local restaurants, shops and businesses
  • Real estate pricing trends over the past 17 years
  • School zone ratings and local crime indexes
  • Walkability and proximity to local businesses and hotspots

MapVida even allows you to build your ideal neighborhood profile and will instantly show you neighborhoods throughout any city that match your wants and needs.


Where you live is one of the biggest decisions you will make; MapVida can help you make that decision simpler.

Translate Cities Before You Travel

Exploring new cities can be an adventure; but it can also quickly become a burden if you don’t know what you’re looking for. MapVida will help you put new cities in a familiar context by comparing neighborhoods to those you already know.

Say you’re headed to Chicago for the first time and are looking to stay in a neighborhood that reminds you of home. Simply enter your current address into MapVida and select Chicago for comparison. The app will crawl through tens of thousands of data points to find you a Chicago neighborhood that shares similar characteristics to your home town.

Whether you want to find a food scene similar to Brooklyn or shopping reminiscent of Santa Monica Place, MapVida will make sure you never waste time wandering around the wrong neighborhoods — no matter where you travel.

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Start Translating Neighborhoods Now

Download the MapVida app today to start seeing new neighborhoods in a context you can connect with.


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