MapVida’s Seven Dimensions of Similarity

Here at MapVida, we spend a good amount of time touting our similarity models — where people can find “look-a-like” neighborhoods and the ability to “build” an ideal area.  We go back 17 years, looking across tens of thousands of data points per neighborhood, and determine – both overall similarity and across 7 dimensions (more […]

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Doppelgänger Friday: The OC in Denver!

Denver — it’s your turn to get the Orange County Doppelgänger treatment.  For those who haven’t been following this blog series, we’re using MapVida’s neighborhood similarity models to find Doppelgänger (look-a-likes) of Orange County neighborhoods in non-Orange County areas. Denver, the land of Patagonia vests and dispensaries, is very different than the OC, but that’s […]

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MapVida is a Startup50 Nominee! Oh, and we need your vote.

MapVida® is a 2017 nominee for the Startup50, which recognizes innovative companies that are solving real business problems.  The first round of StartUp50 companies are selected by public vote – we need your help! Please vote for us here (and feel good about yourself all day long)!   And the good feelings can happen every day, because you can can vote for us daily […]

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